Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where There's A Will There's A Way

Well, my 30 Day yoga challenge is turning out to be the most productive, healthy thing I have ever done for myself.   It's making me actually stop, slow down and take care of myself.
It's bringing me strength I had lost.  Even when I'm exhausted and I don't want to do it, I give in and do however much I can and I am instantly happy and fulfilled.
I  have cut back my time spent on a computer and have instead spent some time reading or just sitting and drinking some tea and not multi tasking (imagine that!).    It's amazing how much of your life goes by when you can't look up for a moment or you don't give yourself that moment to look up.  I thought I didn't have enough time to do anything and even hesitated before signing up for this challenge because there was no way I could find the time.  Then, I stepped back and realized so much of my time was being spent on things I didn't really want to be spending my time on and I really, really wanted to commit myself to this.   What I'm gaining by redirecting my time is priceless and worth every hard, shaking, sore, sweaty yoga pose.

My goal pose...

photo from YogaBarn.net


  1. I love this post! It is so motivating and inspiring!! :)

  2. I love this! This is completely how I've been feeling lately and a good reminder to be spending more time on the things that will be good for my body and mind....knowing we need to slow down sometimes is so wise :)

  3. I love this post! I am doing the challenge as well and this is so inspiring


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