Monday, October 31, 2011


We decided to eat veggie on this trip. I wasn't aware of this change. Josh just announced that was what he was doing when we got in the car and headed out there. I decided I would join him and am really glad I did. He used to be a vegetarian for 7 years and I have always been a true Kansas meat lovin' gal. However, Boulder offers so much variety for a vegetarian diet. It's going to be a little trickier eating that way here at home, but I'm determined to give it a try for awhile. Already I feel lighter and more energetic. Could be the buzz I still have going on for me from loving my trip so much.
I like how traveling makes you feel all gooey and inspired inside. I feel refreshed. Like a giant reset button has been hit. I am happy to come home, but already missing the newness of a city I really love. I'm looking forward to this fall and winter (yes, my least favorite season and I'm looking forward to it). I have made some changes in my life and I'm excited. I'm inspired. I'm thankful for this trip and for how it reminded me that the choices I have made have all lead to right now. And, I am really loving right now.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Beloved Boulder

Ahhh...nothing like my beloved Boulder to give us a refreshing change of pace in life right now. We ventured off for the 8 hr drive on Tuesday morning. I vowed to take lots of photos and to take lots of photos of us especially. We used to do that a lot back when we first met and with the handy switch around camera view on our Iphones, we're back in business! The first day we arrrived, the anticipated 8-12 inches of snow hit it's mark and knocked out the power at the bed and breakfast we stayed at. Only the glow of the fireplace and random candles were our light and no phone service or electricity. It was a blessing in disguise for us tech junkies. It only added to the adventure of the trip. Yesterday, we moved on over to a little apartment that's in a house close to Pearl St...where all the shops and downtown life are. A good move. I like to change things around in regards to where we stay when we travel. It just adds more activity to a trip. It looks like we will be coming out again to see a band in March, so we're looking forward to that trip and a visit again to Boulder. For now, we're enjoying our last evening here before we head back to Lawrence, KS tomorrow. Such a great trip. Such a great adventure together.

Hittin' the road! This photo cracks me up. I feel like we should be sponsored by Ray-Ban.

Me on Pearl St.

The view from our room at the Alps Boulder Canyon Inn. Such a great place to stay!

Our photo we sent home to Gadisa. I'm craving that little guy right now. Miss him so much!
He needs to make this trip with us next time! He is home with his nana this time.

Portishead! I had waited 14 years to see this band from the first time I heard them. They rarely tour the US. They did not disappoint. Such an amazing night. Me and my boy and getting reacquainted with some great friends that used to live in Lawrence.

More Portishead.

Pearl St.

Pasta's Jay restaurant. Our favorite place to eat in Boulder. It's an Italian place. I love the atmosphere and the red checkered tablecloths. Please put one in Lawrence!

Nature's art. I love it.

Us before the concert.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lost In The Snow

Lost in my a coffee a city I love to visit. Yes, this snowy day is working out just fine for me. Even if we have no power at our hotel and the snow is still falling.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kitchen Rehab - Phase 1

We have had a really productive weekend. We started phase 1 of our Kitchen Rehab project.
We painted our cabinets. Finally! We've lived in this house for 6 years and have hated the out dated kitchen the entire time. Painting cabinets is a ton of work, but well worth it. The project started on Wednesday when I started taking handles off and we had to deep clean the cabinets in 2 rounds to get all the gunk off. Thursday was for sanding them down. Might I add, that I LOVED the sanding part! Yep. Hand sanders are awesome! On Friday Josh took off work and we got to painting. We had to prime them and then paint 2 coats of the base color and then all day Saturday finished that part. Once the paint was dry we rehung the doors and I started glazing them to give them a weathered, distressed look. Handles went back on and and TA cabinets!
We used a light blue base coat (Ancient Silver - Satin finish by Glidden paints) and a gray glaze (Elephant Skin - Eggshell finish by Behr paints).
Next up will be solid, black counter tops and white subway tile backsplash. Then, my favorite part will be putting the finishing touches on this kitchen of ours...a FARM SINK and a new faucet to match. I can't wait to see the ending result! Even with talk of moving, this kitchen HAD to be redone. I'm pretty proud of our work. It looks weird without the counters and backsplash being done, but all the more reason to motivate us to hurry up and get those steps started. It's nice to be done with this by Sunday morning. I got hit with a nasty cold on Wednesday so every step of this project came with me constantly sneezing, blowing my nose or just looking pathetic and exhausted in general. Gadisa took a well planned vacation of his own this weekend and went off to see cousins. We would not have been able to complete this at all with him running around. I've got a lovely brunch to go to mid morning with a friend and then my energetic bound of joy will be making his way back to us this afternoon. Pretty great weekend if you ask me!





Midway through...base coat. I was really worried about them looking baby blue, but that's where the glaze comes in and tones that down. They turned out EXACTLY like we wanted. Whew!

Close up of the effect the glaze gives.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Home Eye Candy

I've been daydreaming about building a country farmhouse. The idea of living on some land with room to roam around and let the dogs explore is exciting. We go back and forth whether we should move to the country or stay in town, but when I look at these pictures I do think farmhouse living would definitely be something we'd be into. Check out these photos I've found for inspiration. Eye candy!

Wide floor boards.

I can think of a cat or two that would love this window seat.

Utility laundry sink.

Italianate style home.

A sunroom/greenhouse. I just want to sit here, drink tea and write!

Recycled, exposed wood. Really brings that farmhouse feel to life.

A modern spin on a chicken coop.

Rustic the faucet.

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Mindful Moment

The morning air was crisp and the smell of autumn rain greeted this day. Monday has turned out to be much more productive than I anticipated.
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