Monday, February 6, 2012

Frantic February

     Well, February has entered our lives and warmer than usual weather still lingers.  I'm half happy about this because this means we get to be outside more and half sad because this also means Mother Earth is not herself with this warm season.
     February so far has found me working hard on my home life and getting organized...still.   It's coming along nicely though.  :)
     So far this month has also brought me my first mama heart attack.  We had a bit of an emergency last Thursday evening that ended in a mad rush out the door to the emergency room.  Crying toddler in hand, crying mama behind the wheel and a bloody mess on the dining room floor.
     Baby boy had a hideous highchair accident and of course it happened when I was home alone with him.  I had a mild panic moment in swooping him up off the floor and then realized I didn't know where my cell phone was.  It took one second when I saw his head to know we needed to head to the ER.  Panic thoughts swirled through my mind as I frantically tried to pull myself together to handle this situation.  Why don't we have a house phone anymore?!  Why don't we have a paramedic on hand all the time?!  Why don't I have a helmet on this kid AT ALL TIMES?!
     A few hours later and a few stitches too he was doing much better.  I will refrain from posting the photo.  It's pretty gruesome.  It took me well into the next day to come down from the adrenaline rush and now I'm back to gasping when he falls at all.
     Then, as if one mad rush to emergency medical care wasn't enough, the hubby had to make another one last night with little Pablo.  In the matter of 30 minutes, his face started swelling up so bad it was changing the shape of his face!  The only overnight vet available was 35 minutes away.  It turned out to be an allergic reaction.
     I could use some relaxed days, February.    Before the chaos, we did enjoy some outings last week in the sunshine.  I'm going to focus on bringing some more days like this to our world this month.

Happy February to you!  

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