Friday, March 9, 2012

When Moments Find You...

Wednesday was Josh's birthday.  I met him around his birthday, many moons ago.  His birthday always brings back a fun era of memories for me.  Back in the day, we would have been out and about celebrating.  Having some drinks, toasting with friends.  This birthday evening, we found ourselves hauled up in the bathroom.  All 3 of us.  Clapping and singing made up songs about pooping in the potty.  Our little one, laughing and squealing and having no interest what-so-ever in using the potty at that moment, but finding it hilarious that both his parents were in there making fools of themselves for his entertainment.
We kept asking him to try to use the potty and finally he did with all his might.  He was screaming, "Mommmmyyyy, Daaaaddddy" as he was trying.  Really, hope he gets out of that phase of screaming our  names when he uses the bathroom.  That could get a little awkward in his college years....I'm just sayin'.  :)
Laughing, I just caught us in that moment.  Being a family.  Being parents.  Being together.  And, I loved every bit of it.  There was no other place I would have rather been than in that bathroom at that very moment.  I love it when those moments come and find you and say, "Hey.  Look at your life right now.  It is amazing."

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