Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Well, I did try

There are so many things I said I would do when I had a child that I did in fact not do. I tried. I had the best intentions, but having a child and how you parent is something you just can't fully determine until your child is upon you. There are so many things that have thrown me for a loop, things that have tripped me up and have baffled me about motherhood.

One of them being diapers. I was NOT going to use environmentally harmful diapers. We were going to cloth diaper. I was going to assist in saving the planet one diaper at a time. WRONG. Seems to be a pretty good reason why these store bought, disposable diapers exist. They work, people. They really work.

Next is the food challenge. My child was not going to eat anything but food handmade by yours truly. Food that I pureed and knew exactly what ingredient was in it. Well, I tried on that too. He just ate too much. The only thing I was doing was making food, even when I prepped it ahead of time and froze it in the little ice cube trays a la 70's style. This is what my mom did. I know it works and can be done. However, this child of mine and his strong attraction to food made this aspect of parenting difficult. I wanted to spend this food prep time instead kissing his little cheeks and inhaling his sweet, little baby smell. So, here we are buying jarred baby food. At least, it's organic. Right?? Now, we're onto toddler food and let me tell you, trying to buy organic toddler food is breaking the bank. I'm just very cautious of what he eats because of how poor his nutrition was for the first 7 months of his life. I want nothing, but goodness and pure, whole foods to go into his little belly. This goodness just isn't made by me all of the time.

Moving onto the poop come no one warned me about the poop!? Our lives are filled with combating the poop. We live in fear of poop. When you find yourself hovered over your child, one parent holding him up and the other one rubber gloved and cutting a onesie off of him paramedic style, then you know the poop has won. Even innocent bystanders like Mr. Sock Monkey and Fluffy, the stuffed dog, are not safe from overnight poop shrapnel. What did they ever do to deserve being dragged into the poop crime scene? They are just crib mates! This very scene in fact happened last week. This is why we gave up on the eco diapers. Cloth, G Pants, eco friendly disposable...they all couldn't hold up to our kid. In the end, we guiltily grab the plain ol' disposable Pampers off the shelf and hurry out of the baby isle kicking ourselves. You see, this part of parenting was really important to me so failing at it is humbling. Nevertheless, you do what you can do and we try to make up for our portion of our carbon footprint in other ways.

How naive I was back in the beginning. How I could boldly state that this is what I am going to do and that is what I'm not going to do. I laugh at that girl now. To all those mamas out there that do pull it off, I salute you. You are my eco loving, homegrown heros. In the end, does intention count?

(Dear Son, sorry for posting about your personal habits on the internet. Mr. Sock Monkey put me up to it. )

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Making Up

On Sunday, I had a fight with winter. Home bound all weekend with no where to go, I was feeling beyond antsy. My skin was itching from boredom and the cold, dry air. I was in essence, going crazy.

On Monday, I made up with winter. I opened my arms to it's whiteness and out we went to the dog park for a long walk in the woods and the open prairie.

It's amazing how some time with Mother Nature soothes your soul. Reminds you that you are here, that you are now. That you are...happy.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dusting off the china

It was a great excuse to use the china. It usually collects dust in the cabinet. 2011 has no such room for dust. It had been far too long since we had a nice sit down dinner with friends. It won't be so long next time. It was a wonderful dinner of soul warming goodness this past Friday and I look forward to the next.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This is Love

We have been greeted with a Winter Wonderland this week. Mounds of snow piled up. Unplowed streets and bone chilling temps make me understand we are really in the depths of Winter. And to think, "Winter" was actually a name we were considering for Mr. Oliver Gadisa before he arrived. I think my on and off relationship with the actual season changed my mind on that one. It sounds beautiful, but the coldness and longing for days of porch swinging always wins.
This is the first snowfall we've had this season and amid all the cold, I really do think it's beautiful. I love the silence that a good snowfall brings. The rest of the world muffled out under it's heaviness. The visible cold breath you can see when you step outside makes me feel alive.
This morning, my husband scraped all the snow off my car and warmed it up for me.

This is Love.

Friday, January 7, 2011

As the sun goes down on a hectic week...

All I needed today was at least an hour's nap. First attempt failed, but by late afternoon I had success. As the sun sets on a very busy week, I have a silent moment to hem. The nap was never intended for me.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tuesday morning

Tuesday morning greets me with excitement. A day (well, 4 hours to be exact) all to myself to venture out. Bliss.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Replenishing sight

Ahhh...fruit. This image means we got out of the house today. Even if it was only to the grocery store, I was psyched! I don't know about you, but I am more than thrilled that the holidays are over. Don't get me wrong. I so enjoyed the last 2 weeks of lounging. Some days just skipping the whole idea of showering and getting dressed and finding out that after hours of TV watching on our couch that our couch in fact sucks. Big time. So, does hours of TV watching. I'm not a big fan of the TV (except for a few guilty pleasures that I'll save for another post).
So, with these lazy days of holiday break behind us it was time to stock up on some food. I had dinner the other night at a friend's house and it inspired me to put some time and thought back into our meals. I had gotten pretty burned out on the same dishes. Hopefully, this inspiration with food exploration will keep me busy. I need something to get me through January and February. I'm always struggling through these months. Kansas winter can be brutal, but we often also get surprises thrown in there such as the 60 + degree day last week, so really I shouldn't be complaining. However, on those cold, blustery days stuffing a baby, er... I mean toddler (trying to realize we are out of the baby phase) into a winter coat and then stuffing that bundled child into a car seat can be wearing. On both of us. So, begins our long winter hibernation.
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