Thursday, February 16, 2012

30 Days...

I have always wanted yoga to be a daily moment in my life.  However, life just got in the way.  I'm kind of feeling that in a lot of aspects in my life.  I've been feeling a rush the last month.  A rush to check email, to make jewelry... to spend the 2 hours of his nap time catching up on blogs.  A lot of my time is spent online and although I'm constantly inspired by the blogs I choose to read, between them and the rest of the over stimulation of the internet, I am at a loss of time.  It can all be just too much and then I'm left feeling like I didn't get to it all.

So, I decided to force myself to tune in and tune as much of the other stuff out.  I'm taking part in the 30 Days Mind and Body Challenge.  For 30 days, I am going to practice yoga everyday.  As much or as little as I can squeeze in.  Just as long as I'm present in the moment I am with it.  I'm joining up a day late, but late is better than never.  If you're interested in joining, head over to A Wanderers Soul and sign up.  I recently added in cardio in the mornings 3 days a week, so this is in addition to that.  Right now, I just want to focus on my health, physically and mentally.  It's going to be a challenge for sure.  I have a 2 year old yoga mat snatcher (he's obsessed with my mat!) and he likes to turn yoga into a full contact sport.


My favorite online classes are at  They offer one free class a week.  The classes are close to an hour so if anyone knows of a 30 minute online class, please share!

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