Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Flaming Lips - SOLD OUT!

My weekend started early on Thursday and a weekend it was!  We (Mammoth) produced  2 nights (SOLD OUT!) of The Flaming Lips.  It was in conjunction with the 100th Anniversary of Liberty Hall, a historic venue that is an independent film theater full time and an event hall on the side.  We had our wedding reception here and it's such a unique piece of this town.  My company had been trying to book 2 nights with this band for years and it timed perfectly with this celebration.  I was also happy to be involved with the block party that happened outside of the venue on Friday and we even streamed that performance live outside on a big screen for block party patrons to get a piece of the action as well.  We weren't sure how well it would do, but the block was packed and it was such a great time!  I saw so many familiar faces that make Lawrence, KS what it is.  Everyone was there!
One of the best parts of this concert was that it was G's first!  The hubby and I were waiting for just the right one to take him to and a Flaming Lips show is one big party of music and love.  He was a little overwhelmed at first, but  he really liked it.  I mean, what 2 year old doesn't like jumbo balloons and confetti flying everywhere.   We just wanted him to get a glimpse of the whole scene since he's such a music lover.  We didn't stay long the night we took him, but I have a feeling he's going to be a concert lover.
There are times when working in the music industry brings on a big case of burn out because I've been doing it for so long and it's a high maintenance industry.   Then, there are times when I go to a show like this and  and the crowd's reaction gives me goosebumps.  Makes me remember being that girl shoved up against a barricade in the front row, all sweaty and loving every bit of it. Shows like this make me remember why I do what I do and why I sometimes find it very hard to do anything different.  This show was legendary.  For our company and for our town.  It was the perfect way to kick off the summer!

Beautifully painted on the ceiling of the venue.

Catching confetti.


Block Party right outside celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Liberty Hall!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fingers Crossed

It needs A LOT of work, but my fingers are crossed that it's the one.  I can feel us here.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy 2nd Gotcha Day!

2 years ago today we walked into an orphanage and met our son.  We walked out never to be the same...

Happy Gotcha Day, Oliver Gadisa Lyric!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Under The Cherry Tree

I've been really agitated lately. Trying hard to not let the annoyances hang on me. I have been greeting my days this week slowly & quietly to start fresh each day. This spot sits in my backyard. It used to just be an unvisited corner next to a cherry tree. Now, it's my morning bliss.

Because a tree should always have something beautiful hanging from it.

The scent of honeysuckle reminds me of a long time ago.

This spot is my new favorite place to just sit and slowly wake me under the cherry tree.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Family Night Out

We enjoyed a family date night out last Friday and went to a KC Royal's Game.   It was G's first sports outing.  I was surprised that he was more interested in the peanuts and popcorn than the game considering he is such a big sports fan.  I think he was a little over stimulated, but he had a great time taking in all the new experiences.  I must say, I love taking my little family out and about together, making our own first memories.  He even got on the Jumbotron and got a big "ahhhh..." out of the crowd.  It was so cute!
We left during the 7th inning because this little guy of mine can not sit still to save his life, but we had so much fun regardless.

He thinks the Iphone self photo shot option is hilarious.  I'm pretty sure this family photo will be dear to my heart for a long time.  I love it!

They were giving away these big, floppy sun hats.  Count me in!  I will never pass up one of these!

He got a chance to play around the kid's batting area.

Just being at the ballpark makes it feel like summer has begun!
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