Sunday, January 1, 2012

Patience Is A Virtue

My New Years celebration was nothing over the top. Simple, cozy...right for me. The days of crowded dancing, smokey eyes and foggy memories are behind me. One love fast asleep in his jammies and the other beside me as always. Content and full, happy I am.

Before midnight, we were headed outside, spiked cocoa in hand to start a fire, but the cold rain surprised us and detoured that celebration. It didn't matter though, because as long as we were laughing together, the night was just right.

I stopped making a lot of resolutions last year. One or two seems more attainable for me. This year I choose patience. Patience with all that confronts me, cuts me off, or tosses me to the wind. Patience with those I love. Patience with those I appreciate for just being present. Patience for disagreeing and seeing how I would do it differently. Patience with frustration, nagging and clutter. In my mind, in my home, in my soul. Patience with anxiousness and change. Patience with those furry creatures that live in our lives and share our days. Patience with running late and for being out of sync when I get there. Patience with me. For all my craziness, indecisiveness, moodiness and ridiculous behavior that sometimes creeps up on me. Patience is a 365 day challenge that is tattooed in my mind each morning for 2012. I welcome the challenge. 

(oh yes, and I special request from the universe an extra helping of patience for the number one entity that requires patience in my daily life...Leon, our cat. As I type he is pushing me and pulling my hair from the back of the couch. He is never petted enough, can sit close enough to my face or be fed enough. Always disappointed he is. Poor fella.)

Happy New Year. Happy New Morning. Happy New Opportunity.

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