Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Must Have Command Center

I've got lots of organizing around here to do (don't I always?!).  House de-cluttering, yard projects, college fund to set up, blah, blah, blah.  In being the multi-tasker that I am (home manager, mama, part time marketing director and 2 small Etsy businesses) my desk is my command center.   I have a small desk I work from in my living room that is quickly becoming as  cluttered as my to do list and I'm losing the battle of keeping it organized.  My printers are upstairs in a back bedroom, along with half of my filing system.  If I want to print, my laptop and I venture upstairs.  It's super annoying not to have everything in one place.  In my hunt for a solution, I found these:  Computer Armoires!

This is one that used to be for sale at Pottery Barn and is no longer available.  :(

From Pinterest

                                                                                               From Pinterest

I love how you can just close the doors and your desk area is out of sight.  This is going to save my life.  I'm an office supplies freak and love making spreadsheets (gotta love Google docs!) for whatever I possibly can.  Having a tidy desk area makes me feel like I can get my world in order and get some stuff accomplished.  Now, off to find one that fits my budget.  These seem to be quite popular right now as the one I'm really wanting is on back order (story of my life).

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