Monday, January 16, 2012

Hmm...What To Do, What To Do?

Friday night we get date nights.  Our amazing (translation:  I don't have to worry about a thing concerning my child when we leave the house) sitter comes and our little love waves good bye and blows kisses, practically shoving us out at the door and we are on our own for the night.
Most date nights are dinner and a movie, which generally suites us just fine as we love watching films.  However, from time to time we have those nights where nothing is showing that we want to see and we find ourselves lost and empty of ideas of what to do with ourselves.
We are in our 30's and have come to terms that sometimes we have outgrown this little college town of ours.  Going to bars isn't in the agenda for us.  Sometimes we will stop in for a drink somewhere.  Linger on our words, maybe share a dessert.  Overall though, unless you are on the hunt for some nightlife bar fun, this town has limited choices for the 30 + something life we are leading.
Spring and summer are easier to come up with ideas.  There are parks and trails to explore.  Old fashioned, warm weather, night walks.  A favorite of mine!  However, these months of winter I'm finding myself clueless on what to do on date nights.
We rarely venture out to Kansas City, which is only about a 30 -40 minute drive away.  Not sure why. There are so many more restaurant options there (Ethiopian!), museums and friends.  This is definitely something that needs to go on the table of ideas.
I haven't gone to a good dinner party in way too long or scheduled dinner out with another couple.  Those too are going on the table as well.
I just wish there were more things locally that interested us to enjoy when we have a night out.
We often talk of how long will our roots be grounded in Lawrence?  I certainly didn't have intentions to stay this long.  Love and life though often change our ideas and plans into reality.
There are so many things I do love about this town and how we live our lives in it.  I suppose I'm just asking for some spark.  Some change in our routine.   This past Friday, we went to dinner and decided to skip a movie since there wasn't anything we really wanted to see.  We drove around for awhile and then got some ice cream.  And then...then the night ended with us hitting Walmart.  Yep.  We like to party.  Pretty lame, huh?
If you get a chance to go out, what is that you like to do?  I'm up for suggestions!


  1. We have run into the same issue :-). Winter leaves a giant void in the realm of entertainment options. Do you like to go bowling? :-). I have been wanting to get some folks together for that ( sans children ). Other than that, my mind wanders to kc as well. Blue Nile! The art museum, etc. also been thinking about board games and dinner/cocktails. If I had the means and energy for it, I would open a wine bar with a pick and choose menu that caters to couples or groups. Different appetizers / small plates that compliment certain wines. And there would be a house band that plays jazz,blues, etc. okay enough dreaming! Have a sunny day! XO. :-)

    1. I love everything about those suggestions! We are always up for some bowling and your wine bar idea...a must have that is missing from Lawrence!

  2. Such a good question. I can easily imagine how Lawrence would be difficult to live in when you're in your 30s and need to go on a date. I miss Lawrence like crazy but I'm glad it was part of my past and not my present. I have no advice - my husband and I are in the same boat, we don't know what to do with ourselves most weekends so we end up just going out to dinner somewhere and coming home to "relax". But when I can think of something I will let you know my idea!

    PS - how fantastic was that game last night?!

    1. Amazing game!! The Fieldhouse was the loudest I had ever heard it be. Thanks for the comment. Always good to hear from someone else that knows Lawrence! Now, off to check out your blog!


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