Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cutting It Myself

All day yesterday my hair was driving me crazy.  It was just too much.  Long and all over the place. I called up my stylist and then remembered they are closed on Mondays.   Plus, getting in takes a few weeks.  I couldn't live with my frizz o' rama head for that long.  So, I decided to try and cut it myself.  Not really a trim, but restyling all of it kind of hair cut.  I've been known to do some daring things with my hair over the years.  I've colored it and permed the hell out of it so badly one time that it felt like rubber and started breaking off instantly.  I had to cut it all off and then twisted it all up into trendy little Gwen Stefani knots and refused to take it down for a good 6 months.  I'm not lying.  For about the first 6 months Josh and I dated, he never saw my hair down.  I even slept with those silly, little knots.
Then, there was the time I just hacked it off after getting into an argument with my husband.  I was just annoyed and wanted something to change, so I just cut about 1/2 of my hair off.   It was sort of a movie moment...you know, when a woman just chops her hair off in a stubborn "I'll show him" movement.  What the hell was I showing him?  That I'm an idiot?  It was a choppy, hasty, "Girl, your hair does NOT look good" kind of a hair cut.
So, when it comes to my hair...I kind of just jump into it and then thank my genes for having fast growing hair to make up for the disaster.
Yesterday's experiment was a different tune.  It turned out quite good, I have to say.  I cut out a lot of the thickness, reshaped the style and added a lot of layers.  Thank god for You Tube!  I just got on there and searched for a few tutorial videos and then scurried off to the bathroom with a few weary looks from my husband behind me in the dust.  30 minutes later...ta da!  New hair.  Saved me $50!  Now, if only the hubby will let me cut his hair.  I've been dying to do so for years.  Mainly for the pure fact he trusts me enough to really do it.  I'm quite excited about this new found skill!

Look at that!  It's just so, well...ewwww.  That sums it up.

Layers!  I could see myself getting pretty carried away with some layers.  Gotta pace myself!

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