Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Opening up our home

This week starts the beginning of our home remodeling project. This wall is going to be knocked down, in result connecting our family room with our living room and on the other end of the wall, our dining room with our kitchen.

From the living room looking towards the dining room.

From the living room looking the other direction. The family room & front door are on the other side of this wall.

Other side of the wall...from the front door and family room looking towards the dining room. The kitchen & living room are on the other side of this wall.

This wall is my nemesis. It blocks all the light from reaching the back rooms of the house. It's just awkward and chops up the flow of the house. I can't wait for the end results. Our house is really dark so we are also adding a window in the dining room and some lights & sun tunnels throughout the house. I'm actually going to be able to see what I'm doing in the kitchen! Imagine that.

We made it through day one. I'm crossing each day off the calendar, because with a toddler in the mix it makes the mundane tasks of living, such as eating, a challenge. We have a finished basement to hang out in the evenings, but every day this week G and I need to be out of the house during the work day as the first week's construction is the loudest and messiest. This means packing up a car with a pack n' play, toys and a diaper bag and trekking off to visit family for the day.

I am excited to just get this project done and over with. We do a lot of entertaining at our house and I'm looking forward to the new OPEN space. I will post progress photos along the way. Here is what was done yesterday. The 2nd photo above was taken from about the same spot before the drywall was taken out.

From the kitchen looking towards the front door.

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  1. Yeah! I can't wait to see how awesome it looks!


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