Thursday, February 17, 2011

Those Were The Days

This news leaves me reminiscing about the past. I helped open this store. I remember filling brand new bookshelves with untouched books that lacked that precious library smell. I have fond memories making lattes back in the cafe with giggly girls. I met a lot of great friends here and one very memorable boy. I worked here for a few years when I was just getting my feet grounded in this little town I call home and my entire social life revolved around this store.
Although, my era with Borders ended years ago, I'm saddened to know this store will be no more here in Lawrence. The world of book reading has changed and Borders couldn't keep up. Sure, at the time Borders was this huge, corporate monster coming into town. There was uproar about it here. A lot of people didn't want to see this conglomerate plopped down among the locally owned boutiques downtown. I understood, but quickly fell in love with the company & it's care for it's employees when I was there. Although, now I much prefer the image of a cramped, dusty, local bookstore, I sip my coffee with my nostalgic memories this morning. Ohhhhh....Borders. Those were the days.

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  1. I know its sad but at least you have this cute photo of you and corduroy to get you through!


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