Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Two years ago this time I took an adventure. I packed up Josh and our chihuahua, Pablo, and we headed to my favorite city, Savannah, Georgia. Josh and I had been before and I desperately wanted to go back for an extended stay. The plan was for me to take a trip by myself. He stayed for about 5 days and then I stayed there by myself for another 2 weeks and a good friend came and spent the last several days with me there. I don't know what it is, but I have a pull to this beautiful city. It's an old city, a port city. It's flooded with iron fences, historic homes, spanish moss and eeriness. It's a haunted city full of southern kindness. I would move here in a heart beat. Maybe even a millisecond of a heartbeat. Perhaps, I have lived here before in another life and that's what this is. This infatuation with this city, that is. I discovered a lot while staying here. I discovered that alone can be really lonely and can be really invigorating at the same time. I discovered that no matter where you are and how beautiful that place is, that something is missing when you can't turn to your best friend and say, "Look at that!" But, this trip had to be done for myself and now I'm itching to go back. Here is a little bit of Savannah...


  1. Beautiful Pictures!!! They helped me escape from the snow!

  2. wow, like out of a dream! I have yet to see the southern states but your images tempt me..... especially with the spring travel itch in full swing


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