Monday, September 26, 2011

Jimmy Hunt

Okay, so we're totally outnumbered by pets and both of us swear we will not get anymore pets. 3 dogs and 2 cats is PLENTY and keeps us busy and requires a lot of prep work before going out of town or even to Kansas City for the day. We got to figure in the weather if we're gonna leave the big dogs outside and usually have to call on our pet loving friend to come check on them during the day if we are gone for several hours at once. With this being said, why the heck am I wondering if we should adopt this new little guy that we recently met? My sister is a dog groomer and often fosters rescued dogs before they go to a forever family. She brought home this Jack Russell / Chihuahua mix late last week. Never in my life have I seen a dog SOOO skinny. He goes by Slim Jim (which we have renamed him as Jimmy Hunt, well I threw in the Hunt part...oops). Someone found him wandering in a parking lot, barely able to walk. She was kind enough to pay for his vet bills, but couldn't keep him. I take a moment to send thank yous and well wishes to her for her kindness as his vet bill was not cheap! Anyways, he spent the weekend with us when my sister came over and I know he would fit perfectly into our family. Each day he's getting better and stronger, but my did his happen for him to get so sick? I guess the vet team that worked on him said they never saw a dog so close to death that made it through. Jimmy is a miracle! Dang it, Jimmy! I know we shouldn't take on another dog. I do KNOW this, but I can't stop thinking about Jimmy Hunt. Check out the photos. A little shocking, but he's getting better quickly.

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