Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Get Ready For My Rant

So when something really annoys you, how do you get over it? I have an annoyance and run into it every fall. I know it's coming and I just can't seem to get past my hang ups about it. I'm talking football, folks. Good ol' American Football. In my household, I can't get away from it. This year seems exceptionally challenging for me and I'm determined to ask for advice and seek inner peace on this silly sports subject. The bottom line is my husband is a sports freak. To the extreme at times. Hey...I'm all for it when it comes to college basketball, but there's something about football that makes me want to jump through my TV screen and slap the bejesus out of the ridiculous, loud mouthed football announcers. The mere sound of them sends me shooting daggers into the back of my husband's head. Can you feel the hostility building up here? See...I need help. I know it. I need to get past it. I'm sure there are things I do that intensely annoy him. Hmmm...not sure what those really are right now because I am as sweet as apple pie, but for arguments sake, let's just say I'm sure I annoy him with something I do or am involved with.
On one hand, I feel kind of bad for him that he has to put up with my nagging about it. He is a great father and husband and sports are his outlet to sit back and relax and do something for himself. It's just that football in particular is taken to extreme levels. A few seasons ago, he purchased season tickets. This means that for about 8-9 Sundays in the fall, he is gone all day at the game. Tailgating takes a lot of effort. ;)
Then, on the away games he is home watching all the other games for a good chunk of the day because he is involved in several Fantasy Football leagues. I just make fun of him and tease him that I better get back online to manage my Fantasy Ice Skating Leagues. It's just so tough to keep up with all those ice skaters and their scores. ;) A few days ago I was all pumped up that he was going to cancel NFL Sunday Ticket (a Direct TV thing where he gets all the games on TV), but then Direct TV goes and gives him Sunday Ticket for HALF OFF because he was going to cancel. So...yes...we still have NFL Sunday Ticket because he's not one to turn down a deal. Are you kidding me??! I could strangle that Direct TV employee. I hope they are feeling my voodoo doll pokes. Hee hee.
Trying to compromise, he suggests that on the home games I go out and about and spend my Sunday any way I please. Make jewelry, sit in a coffee shop and read...whatever I please. Fair enough. That does help. A lot. Him and our little man will stay home and bond over football. Oh and by the way, to pour salt in my wounds, our son just so naturally happens to really like football. Perfect, right? He cheers and cuddles right up to his dad on the sofa and watches.
So, in the end, I guess all I can do is try. Try to let it go and not let my bitterness get the best of me. Easier said than done. I just really like our family time on the weekends and for the next few months we are gonna have to make Saturdays really count.

P.S. Thanks for sticking through me with this rant. I try to keep my blog mostly positive, but how can I when football is ruining my life (says my 15 year old self as I dramatically slam my bedroom door and fling myself on my bed)!!



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