Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Foot Is Down

It seems right after July 4, the summer starts to dwindle. Come this time, society and the media want to tell you it's over. Back to school commercials and signage at any retail store scream that the clock is ticking and that Fall is pushing Summer out the door. Excuse me, but Summer doesn't officially end until September 22 this year. That is a little less than 2 months away! Two months left of all our Summer favorites. Yes, we may be amid a "steamy soup" of a Summer (I despise that term, but heard it last night on the news and thought it was a pretty good description), but it is Summer no less.
My son is not yet in school, so maybe I will have to conform to the ol' back to school ritual in just a few short years, but I'm hanging on to dear ol' Summer until then. I am putting my foot down and enjoying all those things I love about Summer and trying my best to enjoy the melt your face off temps suffocating you the moment you walk out the door. So, there you have it Summer. Bring it on, girl!

Petite Anglaise, my June Summer read. Good book!

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