Friday, July 29, 2011

An Insightful Path

On the other side of the tree line outside of our house is a path. I've walked this path many times and finally I get to ride this path with my new bike and a little bundle of cuteness trailing behind me. We head out in the morning hours. Not early, not late. That time when you realize that most people have been stuffed behind desks for a few hours now and you feel guilty about that, but then realize you should enjoy your time now because you too have been stuck behind a desk plenty of time before. In your old life. The path is quiet. We seem to be the only ones around this hour and all we hear are the birds singing among the trees. I enjoy every single bit of this path ride. He sits quietly in back, enjoying the wind, enjoying the ride. We travel in silence mostly, just taking in the passing trees and the dances of sunlight among them. In this ride, I have no regrets. No regrets of leaving an old life behind to be here in these kind of moments.

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