Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Greeting Summer Solstice

Summertime is greeting me with some favorites that I wanted to share. Here is what I am loving right now.

-I love that the fridge is consistently stocked with iced tea and lemonade. Arnold Palmer, anyone?
-I love not wearing socks. Hell, for that matter...not wearing shoes. And best of all, I LUV the feel of bare feet on my wooden porch.
-I love long, flowing skirts.
-I love pistachio almond ice cream eaten out of a waffle cone, all while the sun goes down and me and my boy rock ourselves on the porch and a tired toddler sleeps and sleeps.
-I love picnics with friends.
-I am loving sweet corn on the cob, potato salad, pasta salad and all sorts of summer food.
-I am loving the smell of Off's mosquito coil. Burnt like incense and reminds me of so many other summers.
-I am loving seeing friends, family and babes arrive towels in hand and pool time tunes kickin'.
-I love the rolling in of the clouds, the flashes of lightening and the clash of thunder announcing a summer Kansas storm is a' comin.

I hope you are ready to enjoy bits and pieces that make up your summer memories. It goes by all too quickly and here's to welcoming it's arrival! Happy Summer Solstice!

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