Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Best Friends

We have made a decision in our household. We have decided that our son needs more socialization in his life and are looking into preschools and day care programs. I can NOT believe he and I will be separated!! Anyways, here is our conversation that confirmed our concerns.

Me - "I really prefer the type of setting where we can be flexible in when we drop him off and which days he goes. I really like the Montessori style of preschool, but I don't want to be required to have to send him 5 days a week, which is how those schools work. I'm not sure that I am ready to be separated that much.

Josh - "I hear you, but we really need to get him into a program soon. It will be good for him to be around other kids and people. I mean, come on...look at him! His best friend is the vacuum."

At that precise moment as we are laughing, we both look over at Gadisa and there he is once again playing with the vacuum. His dearest and best friend. He looks up at us and a huge grin spreads across his face as if he's saying, "Yep. I love it!"

I do have to admit they do spend a lot of time together in this pet friendly household. He knows how to use it and how to wind it back up.

Yep...I think it's time to venture onto real friends. So, we begin the tedious tasks of preschool and day care tours. I am determined to find one that doesn't make him have to go 5 days a week. Once again, I find myself thanking the stars that we are able to have me stay home with him. All the while he is right there with me helping with each daily task as we water our plants, change out the laundry, empty the dishwasher and vacuum the floors. I don't care that all the dishes get put into the silverware drawer (even plates!) or that sometimes toys are thrown into the dryer along with the wet clothes. I don't even care if a vacuum hose gets stuck to a pet from time to time. I just care that we are together. That we are experiencing every day side by side. I know having him explore new experiences will only help him grown and develop and that it will only help me remember myself while he is away, but it's still a little sad to embark on this new path of our parenting.
Best Friends. G and the vacuum or better yet...G and me.

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  1. definitely G and you!!! we are in the same boat ... not the vacuum thing ... but sort of living in a vacuum. i'm thinking maybe prairie moon. life is hectic for me right now, but maybe we can get together and talk about this and everything!!! xoxoxo


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