Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This is Love

We have been greeted with a Winter Wonderland this week. Mounds of snow piled up. Unplowed streets and bone chilling temps make me understand we are really in the depths of Winter. And to think, "Winter" was actually a name we were considering for Mr. Oliver Gadisa before he arrived. I think my on and off relationship with the actual season changed my mind on that one. It sounds beautiful, but the coldness and longing for days of porch swinging always wins.
This is the first snowfall we've had this season and amid all the cold, I really do think it's beautiful. I love the silence that a good snowfall brings. The rest of the world muffled out under it's heaviness. The visible cold breath you can see when you step outside makes me feel alive.
This morning, my husband scraped all the snow off my car and warmed it up for me.

This is Love.

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