Thursday, August 2, 2012


Today marks the end of an era for me and my son.  Monday he starts full time preschool.  It's early to start him, I know.  He is just so darn intelligent, curious and busy that we feel he needs so much stimulation outside of our home.  He loves to be at daycare right now 3 days a week (after he gets over the separation anxiety we still go thru each time when he's dropped off).  However, Tuesday and Thursdays are OUR days to spend together.  There's something different about hanging out smack in the middle of the work week.  Whether running errands together or having an indoor picnic, I've fallen in love with this time with him in the middle of the days.  I worry for him.  He's not so good at goodbyes and he takes awhile to warm up to new people, but the moment he is comfortable he shines.  I'm trying to remember with every door closing, one is given the opportunity to open.  This time will become mine again.  To do with it, I'm not quite sure yet. Right now, we are fortunate to not have to push me back to work full time (so thankful!), so I will be working part time still, but for the rest of my I'm peeking into a key hole and wondering what could possibly be on the other side.

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  1. These transitions are always so wobbly at first. I loved the idea of looking through the key hole. There's a whole world waiting!


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