Friday, July 27, 2012

Hot Springs

I have taken a little girls trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas this weekend. I've never been and have always wanted to check it out. So far, it's not what I was expecting. It seems a little run down and you can see at one time that the buildings and old, boutique hotels were hoppin', they just haven't had a lot of love put into them since then. The people are sweet as can be and that definitely makes a place enjoyable. We haven't hit the bathhouses yet, but I'm looking forward to that experience as that's a big part of what Hot Springs is all about. The apartment we are renting is really cute with huge ceilings and Shabby Chic decor. Definitely my taste! A little French/European touch with vintage furnishings. I love it! Here are a few photos thus far...Happy Weekend to you!

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